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Review: Microstructured reactors for distributed and renewable production of fuels and electrical energy

: Kolb, Gunther


Chemical engineering and processing 65 (2013), S.1-44
ISSN: 0255-2701
Fraunhofer ICT-IMM ()
microreactor; fuel processing; Fischer-Tropsch; synthesis; methanol; Dimethyl ether; Biodiesel

The current paper provides an overview of recent and past research activities in the field of microreactors for energy related topics. The main research efforts in this field are currently focussing on fuel processing as hydrogen source, mostly for distributed consumption through fuel cells. Catalyst development, reactor design and testing for reforming and removal of carbon monoxide through water-gas shift, preferential oxidation, selective methanation and membrane separation are therefore under investigation. An increasing number of integrated complete micro fuel processors has been developed for a large variety of fuels, assisted by static and dynamic simulation of these systems. The synthesis of liquid fuels is another emerging topic, namely Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, methanol and dimethylether production from synthesis gas and biodiesel production.