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Security on networks : do we really need it?

: Grimm, R.


Computer Networks and ISDN Systems 17 (1989), Nr.4-5, S.315-323
ISSN: 0169-7552
Fraunhofer GMD
Asset; attack; Security; weak points; RARA; Internet

In order to clarify the question of whether we need security for our networks, we need to identify the assets we have in our networks. It will be pointed out that the trusted partner relation plays a key role in secure communication. We will look at the threats against our assets. We also need to make visible the vulnerability, i.e. to identify the weak points of our networks. It will be shown, that security is not only "against" threats but also "for" a new quality of communication. Concrete steps how to improve security in RARE networks are described. The problem of trusted hard- and software will also be mentioned. Finally, security will be be presented as a concept of responsibility.