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Conductivity and properties of polysiloxane-polyether cluster-LiTFSI networks as hybrid polymer electrolytes

: Boaretto, Nicola; Joost, Christine; Seyfried, Mona; Vezzu, Keti; Noto, Vito di


Journal of power sources 325 (2016), S.427-437
ISSN: 0378-7753
Fraunhofer ISC ()
Elektrolyte; polymere Elektrolyte; elektrische Leitfähigkeit; hybride Polymere; Hybridmaterialien

This report describes the synthesis and the properties of a series of polymer electrolytes, composed of a hybrid inorganic-organic matrix doped with LiTFSI. The matrix is based on ring-like oligo-siloxane clusters, bearing pendant, partially cross-linked, polyether chains. The dependency of the thermo-mechanic and of the transport properties on several structural parameters, such as polyether chains’ length, cross-linkers’ concentration, and salt concentration is studied. Altogether, the materials show good thermo-mechanical and electrochemical stabilities, with conductivities reaching, at best, 8·10−5 S cm−1 at 30 °C. In conclusion, the cell performances of one representative sample are shown. The scope of this report is to analyze the correlations between structure and properties in networked and hybrid polymer electrolytes. This could help the design of optimized polymer electrolytes for application in lithium metal batteries.