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Simulation and analysis of mass casualty mission tactics

Context of use, interaction concept, agent-based model and evaluation
: Sautter, Johannes; Havlik, Denis; Böspflug, Lars; Max, Matthias; Rannat, Kalev; Erlich, Marc; Engelbach, Wolf


International journal of information systems for crisis response and management 7 (2015), Nr.3, S.16-39
ISSN: 1937-9390
ISSN: 1937-9420
European Commission EC
FP7-SEC; 284552; CRISMA
Modelling crisis management for improved action and preparedness
Fraunhofer IAO ()

Mass casualty incidents (MCIs) cannot be managed with existing resources from operational area. The key to MCI management therefore is the efficient use of the few own resources as well as resources from neighboring administrative units by local medical mission commanders. This paper suggests a computer-based modeling and simulation system with a user- and context-adequate interface for testing local MCI mission tactics with realistic spatial and temporal availabilities of rescue units and hospitals in the vicinity of an accident site. From an organizational point of view, the tool could contribute to a holistic quality management approach for improving MCI management by facilitating site-specific resource deployment, mission structure, and patient evacuation planning. This paper describes the interaction concept of a resource planning application and envisions its usage in training courses, in breaks of leading personnel and for elaborating local preparedness plans.