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Evolution algorithms in combinatorial optimization

: Mühlenbein, H.; Gorges-Schleuter, M.; Krämer, O.


Parallel computing 7 (1988), Nr.1, S.65-85
ISSN: 0167-8191
ISSN: 1872-7336
Fraunhofer GMD

Evolution algorithms for combinatorial optimization have been proposed in the 70's. They did not have a major influence. With the availability of parallel computers, these algorithms will become more important.
In this paper we discuss the dynamics of three different classes of evolution algorithms: network algorithms derived from the replicator equation, Darwinian algorithms and genetic algorithms inheriting genetic information.
We present a new genetic algorithm which relies on intelligent evolution of individuals. With this algorithm, we have computed the best solution of a famous travelling salesman problem. The algorithm is inherently parallel and shows a superlinear speedup in multiprocessor systems.