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Low carbon technology integration innovation assessment index review based on rough set theory - an evidence from construction industry in China

: Lai, Xiaodong; Liu, Jixian; Georgiev, Georgi


Journal of cleaner production 126 (2016), S.88-96
ISSN: 0959-6526
Fraunhofer IBP ()

An adequate response to global climate change and low carbon economy development has become a worldwide concerned subject. As one of the energeticallymost intensive industries, construction industry is a key area to promote decarbonization, which is an important path to realize national strategic goals on carbon reduction in China. This paper focuses on lowcarbon technology integration management, and analyzes the existing research status of green building or low carbon buildings on the related evaluation indexes, then proposes an evaluation system framework for the low carbon technology integration innovation from the perspective of the systemmanagement. It points out, that the evaluation of lowcarbon technology innovation should be conducted by a smarter managing of system resource input, the process control and the system comprehensive performance as an output. Furthermore, based on the questionnaire survey and the exploratory factor analysis result on the selected indexes, this paper implements a rough set method to identify the weight of all the indexes and found that: managers focus more on the affordable input of the beginning stage and themanagement control in themiddle period of the innovation, instead on the output performance in the later stage. This indicates, that the management control during the front stages ismore essential than this during the later ones; the constructed evaluation framework, from the system perspective, can properly reflect the integrity, multi-level stakeholder structure and technology integration in low carbon projects, which could support the decision-maker into considering the complexity of construction and evaluation of the technology innovation performance from multi-level perspective; the combined methods, adoptedwithexploratory factor analysis androughset evaluationto determinethe evaluation index and its weights, could well reflect the overall performance of low carbon project evaluation, the selected indicators have certain scientific and practical effectiveness, which could provide references for enterprise on LCT innovation management. as an industry with a multi-level technologies integration, the single Technological adoption or innovation cannot satisfy the economic transformation requirements of the modern construction industry development. An integration innovation management evaluationmodel is needed for the sustainability evaluation in the construction practice. Its development is the main scientific objective of this study, by taking into consideration the entire life cycle assessment and various other factors.