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Tool supported capability management for semiconductor high volume equipment integration

: Erdmann, B.; Dreiss, P.

HOOD GmbH; Gesellschaft für Systems Engineering:
5. Requirements Engineering Tagung 2006. CD-ROM : Von der Theorie zur Praxis; 6.-9. März 2006 München
München, 2006
41 S.
Requirements Engineering Tagung (REConf) <5, 2006, München>
Fraunhofer IPA ()
equipment integration; semiconductor; semiconductor industry; Halbleiter

During Equipment Integration processes and evaluation of equipment capabilities managing a huge amount of information is very likely. Capability management itself deals with the evaluation of semiconductor equipment capabilities and passes the results over to management teams, who use it as a decision reference. After a successful completed phase of capability management results are also to be transferred to responsible equipment integration engineers and managers. During negotiation processes between customer (IC-Makers) and several suppliers more than 50000 requirements are to be tracked tool-driven to finally manage the equipment integration process in one Semiconductor Fab of about 400 process equipments. The content of this presentation is to show, how automation processes can be supported from technical and management point of view by automation itself and how this fits with the SEMI Standardization activities in Semiconductor Industries.