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6th International Conference on Fundamentals and Applications of HIPIMS, 10.-11.6.2015, Braunschweig, Germany. Editorial

: Bandorf, R.


Surface and coatings technology 293 (2016), S.1
ISSN: 0257-8972
International Conference on Fundamentals and Applications of HIPIMS <6, 2015, Braunschweig>
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Konferenzbeitrag
Fraunhofer IST ()

The International Conference on Fundamentals and Applications of HIPIMS is a well-established forum on the latest academic and industrial results in the field of high power impulse magnetron sputtering. As a joint undertaking of Sheffield Hallam University SHU, UK, Network of Competence for Industrial Plasma Surface Technology INPLAS, DE, and Fraunhofer Institute for Surface Engineering and Thin Films IST, DE the 6th HIPIMS conference gathered experts from academia and industry. The technical conference was expanded by an industrial exhibition focusing on plasma generation, plasma diagnostics, coating systems, materials, process control for HIPIMS processes.
At the 6th international HIPIMS conference over 120 representatives from industry and academia from 26 different countries all over the world with over 50 oral and poster contributions met in Braunschweig to report on and discuss the latest developments in the field of HIPIMS. After the opening by the conference Chairman Dr. Ralf Bandorf (Fraunhofer IST, DE) and the conference Co-chair Prof. Arutiun Ehiasarian (Sheffield Hallam University, UK) the high level scientific program started.
The first session focused on the latest industrial and close to market developments. HIPIMS has matured to an industrial used technology with growing number of commercial applications and products. It was reported on CrN/NbN multilayer coatings for artificial hip implants that were fully evaluated and qualified. Series production was mentioned to start during this year. New sources for higher efficiency and target utilization were presented. Examples for successful application for trench filling and trough via contacts in microelectronics were given. Different system supplier offer today HIPIMS coating machines and commercial HIPIMS coatings. Most applications today are in the hard coating sector. Also still ongoing improvement and development in the field of pulse generation and power supplies was presented.
The scientific and application oriented research topics were addressing reactive HIPIMS processes, modeling and simulation, optical coatings, hard coatings, medical applications, and specific process modifications. Development in simulation and modeling showed new approached for better interpreting and understanding HIPIMS discharges in general, and reactive processes especially. The occurrence and limitation of hysteresis free reactive processes were discussed. New modifications and approached leading to coating with superior properties, e.g. hardness, density, corrosion resistance, … Besides the oral presentations a large number of excellent contributions were discussed during the poster session. Hardware and equipment was presented during the parallel exhibition. The conference dinner was hosted in the soccer stadium of Braunschweig, offering the chance for some physical exercise and networking.