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System for production planning of reconfigurable manufacturing systems

System zur Produktionsplanung für rekonfigurierbare Produktionssysteme
: Hees, Andreas; Lipp, Leon; Braunreuther, Stefan Rainer Johann; Reinhart, Gunther

Dimitrov, D. ; Univ. of Stellenbosch:
Resource Efficiency for Global Competitiveness : 27.-29. Januar 2016, Stellenbosch; International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing, COMA 2016; Proceedings
Stellenbosch, 2016
ISBN: 978-0-7972-1602-0
International Conference on Competitive Manufacturing (COMA) <2016, Stellenbosch/South Africa>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
reconfigurable manufacturing systems; RMS; Production Planning and Control (PPC); machine scheduling

Manufacturing companies are affected by challenging dynamics due to shortening product and technology life cycles as well as increasing numbers of variants. As a consequence, manufacturing companies have to adapt their manufacturing systems in frequent and short intervals to secure their competitiveness. One approach to ensure companies’ success is the concept of reconfigurable manufacturing systems (RMS). While production planning becomes increasingly complex in this context, it has to be reliable and quick at the same time. Thus, a novel system for production planning of reconfigurable manufacturing systems realizing the integration of RMS’ key characteristics in production planning, enables companies to effectively adapt to changing market conditions. The planning system outlined in this paper consists of a data model, a configuration management and a method for production planning. The focus of this paper is the configuration management as well as the approach for machine-scheduling.