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Improved automatic caller identification translation

: Wiegand, Thomas; Haustein, Thomas

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EP 3001659 A1: 20140925
Patent, Elektronische Publikation
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The invention provides an interrogator for obtaining information (AI) associated with a caller identification (CI), such as a telephone number, transmitted within an incoming telephone call (TC) comprising: a receiving device (2) configured to receive the incoming telephone call (TC) and to extract the caller identification (CI) from the incoming telephone call (TC); an interrogating device (3) configured to receive the extracted caller identification (CI) from the receiving device (2) and to interrogate information (AI) associated with the caller identification (CI) from an external data base (13), which is configured to operate independently from the user voice communication device for which the incoming telephone call is intended for; and a forwarding device (4) configured to receive and to forward the interrogated information to the display of the called user device.