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Using a formal high-level language and an automated manikin to automatically generate assembly instructions

: Mårdberg, P.; Carlson, J.S.; Bohlin, R.; Delfs, N.; Gustafsson, S.; Högberg, D.; Hanson, L.


International journal of human factors modelling and simulation : IJHFMS 4 (2014), Nr.3/4, S.233-249
ISSN: 1742-5557
ISSN: 1742-5549
Fraunhofer FCC ()

This paper presents an approach to automatically generate predetermined motion time system (PMTS) based assembly instruction lists from simulations within digital human modelling (DHM) software. A formal high-level instruction language is used to instruct an automated manikin to perform assembly operations. The manikin, the language and the assembled objects are composed into a discrete model. In a post-computational step, the model is used to construct PMTS instruction lists by mapping the manikin motions, assembled objects and the language instructions onto a set of PMTS keywords. The described approach is implemented in the DHM software IMMA and tested on industrial cases of manual assembly in the automotive industry.