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Investigation of the suitability of surface treatments for dry cold extrusion by process-oriented tribological testing

: Teller, M.; Bambach, M.; Hirt, G.; Ross, I.; Temmler, A.; Poprawe, R.; Bolvardi, H.; Prünte, S.; Schneider, J.M.


Ofenheimer, A. ; European Scientific Association for Material Forming:
Material forming - ESAFORM 2015. Vol.1 : Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 18th International ESAFORM Conference on Material Forming (ESAFORM 2015), April 15-17, 2015, Graz, Austria
Pfaffikon: Trans Tech Publications, 2015 (Key engineering materials 651-653)
International Conference on Material Forming <18, 2015, Graz>
Fraunhofer ILT ()

In cold extrusion of aluminum alloys adhesive wear can be prevented by an excessive lubrication of the process. While this causes additional process steps also environmental risks have to be addressed. Hence, dry metal forming, i.e. avoiding lubrication by means of coatings and topography modifications is highly desirable. In this paper first results concerning the behavior of tailored surfaces under dry metal forming conditions for pure aluminum are presented. Different surface treatments (laser polishing and Mo 2BC coating) of the tool steel AISI H11 are tested in a compression-torsion-tribometer under conditions adapted from cold extrusion. Normal stresses six times higher than the initial yield stress of the tested workpiece material pure aluminum (AA1050-O) are applied. Furthermore, a strategy for the characterization of aluminum adhesions to the tool is introduced. The influences of different topographies and the presence of a coating on the loss of material due to adhesive wear are investigated.