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Entwicklung eines flexiblen Greiferkonzepts für eine individualisierte Getränkeabfüllung

: Wohlschläger, Lukas
: Kiefer, Lucas

München, 2016, 111 S.
München, TU, Bachelor Thesis, 2016
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer IWU ()
Greifer; Flexibilität; Individualisierung

Due to the increasing globalization in the last years, there has been a change of the global market. The trend is going from mass production to customized products. Especially in the automobile industry, there are options to generate your own car based on online configurators. But also in the food and beverage industry, the offering of customized products becomes more important. There are some scopes of application, where customized bottling would be suited. For example in the sector of craft brewery, the use of a small customized bottling machine would be reasonable.
For the implementation of an automated customized bottling machine, the application of robots and grippers would be possible. In the context of this thesis, there shall be developed an intelligent gripper to handle bottles in a customized bottling plant. The gripper is equipped with a microcontroller, to be able to act as an autonomous agent in a multi-agents-system.
In the first part of the thesis, the state of the art in the beverage industry and some terms and definitions are worked out. The initial part of a development is the determination of the main requirements. For this purpose, some concepts of customized bottling plants are developed and the bottling process will be investigated. After this, the different functions of the gripper are determined and summed up in a morphological box. Out of this box, several gripper concepts are developed. In the next step of the thesis, the most fitting concept is selected and will provide a base for the development of the intelligent gripper.
The main part of the thesis is the development and application of a method for the selection and dimensioning of grippers that are able to handle a set of cylindrical objects with various diameters. The focus of the method is the dimensioning of v-carved fingers tips. The first step of the method is the determination of the frame conditions. The next step is the dimensioning and construction of the gripping fingers. After that, the layout and gear of the gripper are selected. In the last step, sensors, actors and the microcontroller are integrated in the gripper.
Through the application of the method, there has been developed a gripper concept that can provide a base for an intelligent gripper in a customized beverage bottling.