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Sub-LET threshold SEE cross section dependency with ion energy

: Garcia Alia, Ruben; Bahamonde, Cristina; Brandenburg, Sytze; Brugger, Markus; Daly, Eamonn; Ferlet-Cavrois, Veronique; Gaillard, Remi; Höffgen, Stefan; Menicucci, Alessandra; Metzger, Stefan; Zadeh, Ali; Muschitiello, Michele; Noordeh, Emil; Santin, Giovanni


IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science 62 (2015), Nr.6, S.2797-2806
ISSN: 0018-9499
Fraunhofer INT ()
FLUKA; indirect ionization; Monte Carlo methods; nuclear reaction; single-event burnout (SEB); single-event upset (SEU)

This study focuses on the ion species and energy dependence of the heavy ion SEE cross section in the sub-LET threshold region through a set of experimental data. In addition, a Monte Carlo based model is introduced and applied, showing a good agreement with the data in the several hundred MeV/n range while evidencing large discrepancies with the measurements in the 10-30 MeV/n interval, notably for the Ne ion. Such discrepancies are carefully analyzed and discussed.