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Black metallurgical silicon for solar energy conversion

: Li, X.P.; Lee, J.H.; Sprafke, A.N.; Wehrspohn, R.B.


Semiconductor Science and Technology 31 (2016), Nr.1, Art.014009
ISSN: 0268-1242
ISSN: 1361-6641
Fraunhofer IMWS ()

Metal impurities are known to create deep traps in the silicon (Si) bandgap, significantly reducing the minority carrier lifetime and consequently deteriorating the efficiency of a Si-based solar conversion system. Traditional purification methods via 'Siemens' and metallurgical routes involve complex and energy-intensive processes. Therefore, it is highly desirable to develop novel Si treatment technologies. With the radical evolution of nanotechnology in the past decades, new nano-approaches are offering opportunities to diminish the detrimental impacts of metal impurities or upgrade low quality Si in a cost-effective and energy-saving way. Here we review various recently developed dry and wet chemical etching methods including reactive ion etching, electrochemical etching, stain etching and metal assisted chemical etching. The current progress and the application prospects of those methods in nanostructure creation and Si upgrading are given and discussed in detail.