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High-temperature properties of SiC-Si3N4 particle composites

: Wötting, G.; Gaspers, B.; Gugel, E.; Westerheide, R.


Journal of engineering for gas turbines and power 122 (2000), Nr.1, S.8-12
ISSN: 0742-4795
Fraunhofer IWM ()

Due to promising results in literature, SiC-Si3N4 particle composites in the range 0-100 percent SiC were evaluated. Focusing on high-temperature properties, mainly Y2O3 was used as sintering additive. Consolidation occurred primarily by hot-pressing, sintering tests were performed for comparison. Besides short-term properties like strength, toughness etc., long-term properties like creep and oxidation behavior were determined. Results as a function of SiC-content and microstructure were discussed with respect to materials' performance at high temperatures and possibilities of their production on a technical scale.