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Definition of the needs for enhanced building operation using Building Information Modeling (BIM)

: Bougain, Aude

Achammer, Christoph (Hrsg.):
Integrale Planung für Industriebau 4.0. Praxisreport 2015 : Integrated planning for industrial building 4.0
Wien: Klein Publishing, 2015
ISBN: 978-3-903015-03-6
ISBN: 3-903015-03-2
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Fraunhofer IBP ()

Building Information modelling (BIM) is a method affecting the German construction industry. Yet, its adoption is heterogeneous through the trades and life-cycle phases. Operation and facility management (FM) are especially set aside, which is a handicap for achieving sustainable buildings in a broad sense. This paper therefore presents a research proposal by investigating whether BIM could answer the operation needs in Germany, and how its maturity level could be improved for these applications. A preliminary survey is performed among FM professionals with focus on the current FM needs and the perceived BIM benefits and barriers. The process field of activity is further investigated using the Reference Building Process Map (RBPM). The results show an unexpectedly low level of BIM awareness. However, the perceived benefits are directly answering current issues like the unavailability of information, the control of building automation systems and the improvement of energy efficiency and user comfort. Due to the low BIM knowledge level, technology is a lower priority for now. Development of guidelines and definition of processes in the early phases are key requirements to enhance understanding, lower the risks and thus speed up BIM adoption. Especially, communication can only be improved by defining when and how FM interventions are required.