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Investigation and assessment of resource consumption of process chains

: Klocke, F.; Schmitt, R.; Arntz, K.; Grosse Böckmann, M.; Gasser, A.; Alkhayat, M.; Kerkhoff, J.; Klingbeil, N.; Vollmer, T.; Wegener, M.

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Procedia CIRP 38 (2015), S.234–238
ISSN: 2212-8271
International Conference on Through-life Engineering Services (TESConf) <4, 2015, Cranfield>
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Many different technologies and processes have been established in production within the last decades. These technologies have to be integrated into sophisticated process chains to achieve today's requirements of high performance products. For most of these products the costs can be determined or at least estimated accurately. However, resource intensive and thus cost intensive processes and their potential within the process chains are often neither identified nor quantified. For identifying, measuring and subsequently assessing the need of resources, like energy or material and their monetary as well as environmental impact, four different process chains of high industrial relevance have been chosen and investigated with regards to their resource consumption. These process chains are used for manufacturing turbine blades made of Inconel and titanium aluminide as well as for comparisons of a conventional and an innovative process chain to manufacture an insert for an injection mold. By measuring and assessing their resource consumption the most resource intensive and thus influential processes have been identified and their potential for resource reduction has been evaluated. Due to the change of single processes to reduce resource consumption and thus the conditions for subsequent processes, the requirements might change and lead to adaptions within the entire process chain. For the assessment of the process chains and the changes within the processes themselves, a scenario based assessment has been modelled. This results in an economic and ecologic evaluation of these process chains and enables a comparison of these to choose the most meaningful process chain.