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Understanding the "regional policy mix" - A classification and analysis of European regions' support policies

: Kroll, Henning

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Karlsruhe: Fraunhofer ISI, 2016, 35 S.
Arbeitspapiere Unternehmen und Region, R1/2016
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In recent years, no small number of studies have emphasised the importance of "getting the policy mix right". What that term, "policy mix" relates to, however, remained less than clear, not least as a result of the absence of an appropriate database on regional policies. With the Regional Innovation Monitor repository, such a database has now become available. Using this novel source of data, this paper identifies specific types of "policy mixes" common among European regions as well as external and internal factors that determine regional policy makers' choices of policy mixes. Finally, it demonstrates that regions' choice of a particular policy mixes may have influenced their economic resilience during the recent years of crisis.