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Modular parametric finite element modelling for reliability-studies in electronic and MEMS packaging

: Wunderle, B.; Auersperg, J.; Grosser, V.; Kaulfersch, E.; Wittler, O.; Michel, B.


Microsystem Technologies 10 (2004), Nr.5, S.375-381
ISSN: 0946-7076
Fraunhofer IZM ()

A modular and parametric approach to FE-modelling is presented which allows rapid virtual prototyping for MEMS and other microelectronics packages with respect to some topical reliability issues: Thermal management and thermo-mechanical fatigue. Thereby the method of automatic model generation by modular parametric modelling is outlined and some examples featuring the required solution techniques are given. This simulation procedure forms part of a comprehensive design optimisation process in the field of predictive engineering.
The authors would most cordially like to express their gratitude to the late Dr. Andreas Schubert, IZM Berlin, for his constant support in every respect. Bernhard Wunderle would like to thank Dr. Wolfgang Nüchter of Robert Bosch Stuttgart for valuable discussions. We appreciate the funding of parts of this research work by the German Federal Ministry BMBF (IMODAS No. 16 SV 1302).