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Deep drawing with local hardening on digital multiaxis servo press

Tiefziehen mit lokaler Kaltverfestigung auf digitalen mehrachsigen Servopressen
: Kriechenbauer, Sebastian; Mauermann, Reinhard; Landgrebe, Dirk

International Deep Drawing Research Group -IDDRG-; Chinese Academy of Science, Institute of Metal Research -IMR-:
IDDRG 2015, the 34th International Deep Drawing Research Group Conference. Proceedings : May 31 - June 3, 2015, Shanghai, China
Shanghai, 2015
International Deep Drawing Research Group (IDDRG Conference) <34, 2015, Shanghai>
Fraunhofer IWU ()
deep-drawing; local hardening; servo-press; pulsation

The paper discusses a new drawing technology, based on a synchronized movement of ram and cushion with multiple bending operations in alternating directions called “Bi-Directional-Deep Drawing“ (BDD). The goal is to avoid local thinning by strengthening the weak point using local hardening. BDD operations are realized before the conventional deep drawing process. This results in a local strain hardening at the weak point of the workpiece, which is usually located at the bottom punch radius. Two major aspects have to be given attention due to the high number of process parameters. On the one hand, for process design, it is helpful to have a tool by means of which it is possible to simultaneously create both the machine program for the servo press and the initial configuration for the process simulation. From the authors’ point of view, this complexity can only be represented by a numerical analysis method, on the other hand. Consequently, both aspects are given attention in this paper.