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Three dimensional image-based simulation of ultrasonic wave propagation in polycrystalline metal using phase-field modeling

: Nakahataa, K.; Sugahara, H.; Barth, Martin; Köhler, Bernd; Schubert, Frank


Ultrasonics 67 (2016), S.18-29
ISSN: 0041-624X
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
wave simulation; mesoscopic metal structure; grain scattering; finite element method; multiphase-field modeling

When modeling ultrasonic wave propagation in metals, it is important to introduce mesoscopic crystalline structures because the anisotropy of the crystal structure and the heterogeneity of grains disturb ultrasonic waves. In this paper, a three-dimensional (3D) polycrystalline structure generated by multiphase-field modeling was introduced to ultrasonic simulation for nondestructive testing. 3D finite-element simulations of ultrasonic waves were validated and compared with visualization results obtained from laser Doppler vibrometer measurements. The simulation results and measurements showed good agreement with respect to the velocity and front shape of the pressure wave, as well as multiple scattering due to grains. This paper discussed the applicability of a transversely isotropic approach to ultrasonic wave propagation in a polycrystalline metal with columnar structures.