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Cost-effectiveness and environmental aspects of flip chip bumping for system integration

: Schischke, K.; Griese, H.; Müller, J.; Reichl, H.


Microsystem Technologies 9 (2003), Nr.5, S.324-330
ISSN: 0946-7076
Fraunhofer IZM ()

Due to the demand for higher interconnection densities in microsystems the application of flip chips will rapidly increase. Bumping technologies such as the C4 process or electroplating are not competitive to wirebonding for cost reasons by now. Stencil printing is expected to become a low cost solution for flip chip interconnections. The project Ökobump focuses on a reliable and competitive process for flip chip bumping especially for system integration purposes. Further main targets are the application of leadfree solder systems and an overall reduction of environmental impacts. Thus, an eco-analysis, referring to economical and ecological aspects, aims at a process optimization by estimating future production costs based on relevant parameters and scenarios, and by taking into account the different aspects of environmental impacts caused by potential alternatives of process engineering.