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Structural development and properties of Si3N4-SiC composites from amorphous Si-C-N powder precursors

Strukturelle Entwicklung und Eigenschaften von Si3N4-SiC-Verbundstoffen aus amorphen pulvrigen Si-C-N-Precursor
: Tschernikova, E.; Neumann, A.; Boden, G.


Baxter, J. ; European Ceramic Society:
Euro Ceramics V. Extended abstracts of the 5th Conference and Exhibition of the European Ceramic Society 1997. Pt.3: Sessions 6, 7, 8, 10, 11, 12 : Versailles, France, June 22 - 26, 1997
Uetikon-Zürich: Trans Tech Publications, 1997 (Key engineering materials 132-136, 3)
ISBN: 0-87849-764-1
ISBN: 0-87849-761-7
European Ceramic Society (Conference and Exhibition) <5, 1997, Versailles>
Euro-Ceramics (ECerS) <5, 1997, Versailles>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
Keramikverbundstoff; Submikronkorn; Pyrolyse; precursor; organische Verbindung; Carbonitrid; Sintern; mechanische Eigenschaft; Alpha-Siliciumnitrid; Heißpressen; Mikrogefüge; amorpher Stoff; Siliciumcarbonitrid; Silazan; Nanoverbundstoff

The aim of this work is to develop Si3N4-SiC nanocomposites with high mechanical properties using amorphous siliconcarbonitride powders pyrolyzed by gasphase pyrolysis of hexamethyldisilazane precursors. Mixtures of commercial alpha-Si3N4 with up to 43 weight-% Si-C-N-powder and small amount sintering additive were used as starting materials. Hot pressing of these mixtures at temperatures above 1800 deg C resulted in compacts with densities higher than 99 % theoretical density. Structural analysis performed by scanning electron microscopy shows that the siliconcarbide particles finer than 50 nm were distributed both inside the silicon nitride grains and on the grain boundaries. Mechanical properties of these materials correlate with their microstructure.