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Polymer enabled 100 Gbaud connectivity for datacom applications

: Katopodis, V.; Groumas, P.; Zhang, Z.; Dinu, R.; Miller, E.; Konczykowska, A.; Dupuy, J.Y.; Beretta, A.; Dede, A.; Choi, J.H.; Harati, P.; Jorge, F.; Nodjiadjim, V.; Riet, M.; Cangini, G.; Vannucci, A.; Keil, N.; Bach, H.G.; Grote, N.; Avramopoulos, H.; Kouloumentas, C.


Optics communications 362 (2016), S.13-21
ISSN: 0030-4018
Fraunhofer HHI ()

Polymers hold the promise for ultra-fast modulation of optical signals due to their potential for ultra-fast electro-optic (EO) response and high EO coefficient. In this work, we present the basic structure and properties of an efficient EO material system, and we summarize the efforts made within the project ICT-POLYSYS for the development of high-speed transmitters based on this system. More specifically, we describe successful efforts for the monolithic integration of multi-mode interference (MMI) couplers and Bragg-gratings (BGs) along with Mach–Zehnder modulators (MZMs) on this platform, and for the hybrid integration of InP active elements in the form of laser diodes (LDs) and gain chips (GCs). Using these integration techniques and the combination of the hybrid optical chips with ultra-fast indium phosphide double heterojunction bipolar transistor (InP-DHBT) electronics, we develop and fully package a single 100 Gb/s transmitter and a 2×100 Gb/s transmitter that can support serial operation at this rate with conventional non-return-to-zero on-off-keying (NRZ-OOK) modulation format. We also present the experimental evaluation of the devices, validating the efficiency of the monolithic and hybrid integration concepts and confirming the potential of this technology for single-lane 100 Gb/s optical connectivity in data-center network environments. Results from transmission experiments to this end include the achievement of BER close to 6×10−9 in B2B configuration, the achievement of BER lower than 10−7 for propagation over standard single-mode fiber (SSMF) with total length up to 1000 m, and the achievement of BER at the level of 10−5 after 1625 m of SSMF. Finally, plans for the use of the EO polymer system in a more complex hybrid integration platform for high-flexibility/high-capacity transmitters are also outlined.