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Intuitive 3D-Interaktion für Design und Modellierung von volumetrischen Strukturen

Intuitive 3D-interaction for design and modeling of volumetric structures
: Berz, Florian
: Stork, André; Altenhofen, Christian

Darmstadt, 2015, 68 S.
Darmstadt, TU, Master Thesis, 2015
Master Thesis
Fraunhofer IGD ()
subdivision; 3D Interaction; 3D Modeling; volume models; sketching

Creating an intuitive way of modeling and designing different structures is a task of high relevance with a wide range of applications in computer graphics. Various options will have to be considered with respect to new developments. For instance, the following options are addressed in this thesis: visualization and interaction. The availability of modern and low-cost 3D hardware provides the users with new possibilities. Visualization and interactions can be performed in 3D and new approaches to applying the interactions are required. In this regard, a combination of zSpace tablet and Leap Motion is proven to fulfill these requirements. Interactions with the mesh can be implemented with the zSpace tablet and Leap Motion is used to control the navigation in scene and menu. Overall, some relevant and new 3D interactions are developed which, amongst other things, allow for the manipulation of inner structures. Those 3D interactions are meaningful, useful and intuitive and therefore, this thesis contributes to the current developments.