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OLED thin film fabrication from poorly soluble terbium o-phenoxybenzoate through soluble mixed-ligand complexes

: Kalyakina, Alena S.; Utochnikova, Valentina V.; Sokolova, Elena Y.; Vashchenko, Andrey A.; Lepnev, Leonid S.; Deun, Rik Van; Trigub, Alexander L.; Zubavichus, Yan V.; Hoffmann, Michael; Mühl, Susan; Kuzmina, Natalia P.


Organic Electronics 28 (2016), S.319-329
ISSN: 1566-1199
Fraunhofer FEP ()
OLED; Lanthanide carboxylates; Ternary complexes; spin-coating; thin film

Features and advantages of the approach of the luminescent thin film deposition of non-volatile and non-soluble lanthanide aromatic carboxylates were exemplified by thin film deposition of terbium o-phenoxybenzoate Tb(pobz)3(H2O)2 (I) with quantum yield measured to be 96%. This approach is based on the formation and decomposition of mixed-ligand complexes, and thus mixed-ligand complex Tb(pobz)3(MG)(H2O)2 (II) (MG - monoglyme) was synthesized, characterized and used as a precursor for I thin films. Electroluminescent (EL) properties of high quality thin films of I and those with suitable host material were studied in a series of OLED devices.