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Navigating towards responsible research and innovation

Challenges for policy and governance
: Nielsen, Morten V.; Lindner, Ralf; Bryndum, Nina; Burchardt, Ulla; Schofield, Monica; Stilgoe, Jack

Michalek, Tomás (Ed.):
The next horizon of Technology Assessment. 2nd European TA Conference 2015. Proceedings : PACITA 2015 Conference in Berlin, 25 - 27 February 2015
Prague: Technology Centre ASCR, 2015
European Technology Assessment Conference "The Next Horizon of Technology Assessment" <2, 2015, Berlin>
Fraunhofer ISI ()

The uptake and development of responsible research and innovation (RRI) ranges from policy debates to initiatives in the governance of research, technology and innovation. In this context, “responsibility” is interpreted with a two fold goal: a precautionary goal of avoiding an adverse impact on research and innovation and a promotional goal of supporting the desired impact of research and innovation. Some of the many inspirations for RRI governance can be found in, for example, foresight, technology assessment, responsibility frameworks, codes of conduct, and CSR. A growing number of studies question the effectiveness and legitimacy of these instruments as used in diverse settings. Thus, the conditions and the governance instruments currently used in RRI practice are under exposed and fairly unknown. Against this background, the session dealt with why we need RRI, which current practices can inspire RRI, and the challenges of making RRIa relevant concept from the perspectives of policy-making, industry and academia.