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Tubular graphite cones

: Zhang, G.Y.; Jiang, X.; Wang, E.G.


Science 300 (2003), Nr.5618, S.472-474
ISSN: 0036-8075
Fraunhofer IST ()

We report the synthesis of tubular graphite cones using a chemical vapor deposition method. The cones have nanometer-sized tips, micrometer-sized roots, and hollow interiors with a diameter ranging from about 2 to several tens of nanometers. The cones are composed of cylindrical graphite sheets; a continuous shortening of the graphite layers from the interior to the exterior makes them cone-shaped. All of the tubular graphite cones have a faceted morphology. The constituent graphite sheets have identical chiralities of a zigzag type across the entire diameter, imparting structural control to tubular-based carbon structures. The tubular graphite cones have potential for use as tips for scanning probe microscopy, but with greater rigidity and easier mounting than currently used carbon nanotubes.