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Toward a multifaceted platform for humanitarian demining

Paper presented at 13th IARP Workshop on Humanitarian Demining and Risky Interventions, HUDEM 2015, Beograd, Croatia, 27-28 April 2015
: Curatella, F.; Vinetti, P.; Rizzo, G.; Vladimirova, T.; Vendictis, L. de; Emter, Thomas; Petereit, Janko; Frey, Christian; Usher, D.; Stanciugelu, I.; Schaefer, J.; Breejen, E. den; Gisslen, L.; Letalick, D.

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2015, 12 S.
Workshop on Humanitarian Demining and Risky Interventions (HUDEM) <13, 2015, Beograd>
Vortrag, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IOSB ()
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humanitarian demining; mobile robotic systems; modular tool-kit solutions; sensor for detection; information fusion; networked information management; cultural guidelines; INT

The D-BOX project aims to increase deminers' confidence in technology developing a web-enabled platform which allows them to better utilize existing technologies and foster the development of the use of new ones. The idea behind D-BOX is to create an Information Management System which incorporates the process of Land Release, whereby the use of technologies is part of the process. The system will be flexible to adapt to local needs but at the same time it will be compliant with the IMAS.
In a complex domain like demining, single technologies are rarely effective. The new platform will foster functional tool chains to realize complex tasks, information merging and synergies amongst heterogeneous tools to increase the effectiveness of the tool combinations. In the paper we establish the requirements for the new platform and give examples of Functional Tool Chain(s) and of Synergies among tools being developed by D-BOX partners.