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Information process model for technology knowledge management in the construction industry

: Masior, Jonathan

Scuola Superiore Sant?Anna, Istituto di Management -IdM-, Pisa:
(Fast?) Connecting R&D : The R&D Management Conference 2015; Pisa, 23-26 June 2015
Pisa, 2015
9 S.
R&D Management Conference <2015, Pisa>
European Commission EC
FP7-NMP; 609380; Design4Energy
Building life-cycle evolutionary Design methodology able to create Energy-efficient Buildings flexibly connected with the neighborhood energy system
Fraunhofer IAO ()

The architecture, engineering, construction (AEC) industry is characterized by high multidisciplinary collaboration, lengthy and complex projects and fast moving innovations. Important deficits can be found in continuous learning, availability of technology knowledge, support through IT and the competitive advantages it brings. In the last years major developments have been made in the area of Building Information Modelling (BIM) towards the centralization and standardization of data. However, construction companies still stumble to adapt technological innovations. This work aims at developing a concept for construction companies to effectively adapt innovative technologies through the collaborative generation of the relevant technology knowledge. As a result this paper presents a new framework of consistent, interrelating information streams that meet the knowledge demand for technology adaption. It is based on a collaborative approach and purposed to include the important information sources and user roles. Current web platforms have been analysed, knowledge demand and information streams of relevant stakeholders have been surveyed and the results have been matched to informational outcomes of the technology lifecycle. Through this practical, investigative approach the developed framework ought to find a high acceptance among the using companies.