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Simultaneous PET/MRI in stroke: A case series

: Werner, Peter; Saur, Dorothee; Zeisig, Vilia; Ettrich, Barbara; Patt, Marianne; Sattler, Bernhard; Jochimsen, Thies; Lobsien, Donald; Meyer, Philipp M.; Then Bergh, Florian; Dreyer, Antje; Boltze, Johannes; Classen, Joseph; Fritzsch, Dominik; Hoffmann, Karl-Titus; Sabri, Osama; Barthel, Henryk


Journal of cerebral blood flow and metabolism 35 (2015), Nr.9, S.1421-1425
ISSN: 0271-678X
ISSN: 1559-7016
Fraunhofer IZI ()
mismatch; ischemic penumbra; PET/MRI; stroke; thrombolysis

Prospective studies on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)-guided systemic thrombolysis >4.5 hours after stroke onset did not reach their primary end points. It was discussed and observed in post hoc data re-assessment that this was partly because of limited MRI accuracy to measure critical hypoperfusion. We report the first cases of simultaneous [ 15O]H2O-positron emission tomography (PET)/MRI in stroke patients and an ovine model. Discrepancies between simultaneously obtained PET and MRI readouts were observed that might explain the above current limitations of stroke MRI. By offering highly complementary information, [ 15O]H2O-PET/MRI might help to identify critically hypoperfused tissue resulting in an improved patient stratification in thrombolysis trials.