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Electro-optically Q-switched NdYVO4 slab laser with a high repetition rate and a short pulse width

: Du, K.M.; Li, D.J.; Zhang, H.L.; Shi, P.; Wei, X.Y.; Diart, R.


Optics Letters 28 (2003), Nr.2, S.87-89
ISSN: 0146-9592
Fraunhofer ILT ()

We report on a compact and highly efficient diode-end-pumped TEM00 Nd:YVO4 slab laser with an output power of 103 W and beam quality M2 1.5. The optical-to-optical efficiency was 41.5%. In electro-optically Q-switched operation. 83 W of average power at a pulse-repetition rate of 50 kHz with a pulse length of 11.3 ns was obtained. At a pulse-repetition rate of 10 kHz, 5.6 mJ of pulse energy, and 870 kW of peak power were measured.