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TiN-based nanocrystalline ceramics

: Zgalat-Lozynskyy, Ostap; Ragulya, Andrey; Herrmann, Mathias


European Ceramic Society:
European Ceramic Society. Proceedings the 7th Conference and Exhibition. Part 3 : Brugge, Belgium, September 9 - 13, 2001, seventh ECerS
Uetikon-Zürich: Trans Tech Publications, 2002 (Key engineering materials 206/213)
ISBN: 0-87849-882-6
European Ceramic Society (Conference and Exhibition) <7, 2001, Brügge>
Euro-Ceramics (ECerS) <7, 2001, Brügge>
Fraunhofer IKTS ()
nanocrystalline ceramic; titanium nitride; rate controlled sintering; nanopowder

The titanium nitride is widely used as a material suitable for coatings or compositions but rarely as a bulk ceramics because of law fracture toughness, bending strength and durability [1,2]. RCS-process was explored as a more promising method to obtain near fully dense titanium nitride bulk ceramics with grain size within nanometer scale and perfect grain boundaries [3].