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Comparison of linear and quadratic shape functions for a hybrid control-volume finite-element method

: Stry, Y.; Hainke, M.; Jung, T.


International journal of numerical methods for heat & fluid flow 12 (2002), Nr.8, S.1009-1031
ISSN: 0961-5539
Fraunhofer IIS B ( IISB) ()

A control-volume based method for the numerical calculation of axisymmetric incompressible fluid flow and heat transfer is presented. The proposed method extends the staggered grid approach to unstructured triangular meshes. The velocities are stored at the vertices and the edges of a triangle, Pressure and temperature are stored at the vertices. Accordingly, velocities are interpolated in a quadratic way, pressure and temperature linearly. The accuracy of the proposed method is examined for a number of different testproblems. Compared to a linear interpolation scheme implemented in the same code, more accurate solutions and smaller computation times are obtained for the proposed quadratic scheme. The method was designed for and is about to be applied to the numerical simulation of crystal growth.