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Learning in a Science-driven Market: The Case of Lasers

: Grupp, H.

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Industrial and Corporate Change 9 (2000), Nr.1, S.143-172
ISSN: 0960-6491
Zeitschriftenaufsatz, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer ISI ()
optoelektronische Industrie; elektromedizinisches Gerät; laser; Innovation; Wissenschaft; Lernen

Innovation literature centres more on technical advance and less on scientific change. In this paper the scientific basis comes under specific scrutiny. The empirical part consists of a case study of the laser market and the particularly interesting laser medicine submarket. A new measurement concept known as ' technometrics' measures the quality of innovative products from their technological characteristics. It is found that in a knowledge-driven market in which 'inventions aue in search of a purpose', two stages of market formation can be discerned: a wasteful science-pushed, and a subsequent demandles period .Pircing of the innovative products can be explained by a few leading characteristics, but certain providers are able to create stable demand from public knowledge with non-optimal priche-performance rations.