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Damage tolerance verification concept of the Ariane-5 booster case welded interface

: Windisch, M.; Clormann, U.; Grunmach, R.; Burget, W.; Sun, D.Z.


Materialwissenschaft und Werkstofftechnik 32 (2001), Nr.4, S.307-315
ISSN: 0933-5137
Fraunhofer IWM ()

In the course of an ARIANE 5 evolution program, the booster cases made of 48 CrMoNiV 4 10 high strength, low alloy steel will be modified such that 6 of the shear bolt connections will be replaced by EB-welds as illustrated in Fig. 1. The introduction of welds has been chosen to achieve the following goals: Mass reduction Cost reduction Increase of reliability Simplification of thermal insulation application The concept of the damage tolerance verification which is in progress for justification of the improved booster cases is presented. By a very detailed local approach based on the characterization of the properties and the mechanical behaviour of the different zones of a weld seam, the overall damage tolerance of the weld shall be derived. The achieved prediction model has been verified by different component tests and will finally be qualified by a full scale qualification test.