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Applying UML metrics for quality measurement of EAST-ADL models

: Zinner, Matthias
: Tiedemann, Wolf-Dieter; Facchi, Christian; Stante, Alexander

Ingolstadt, 2015, 52 S.
Ingolstadt, TH, Bachelor Thesis, 2015
Bachelor Thesis
Fraunhofer ESK ()
Electronics Architecture and Software Technology; EAST-ADL; Automotive Architecture Description Language; ADL; Unified Modeling Language; UML; complexity measure; fault prediction; fault proneness; metrics; metrics suite; model quality; quality assessment; UML metrics; Automotive Software

The goal of this thesis is to compile a set of metrics, which can estimate the quality and fault-proneness of an EAST-ADL model and can detect design flaws in it. To achieve this, existing metrics for Unified Modeling Language (UML) models are inspected and then the EAST-ADL metric set is deducted from them. The metrics are formally verified with Weyukers properties. Then the metrics are implemented in a suite to allow them measuring the complexity of a model. As last step the metrics are tested for their ability to measure the complexity of a model and detect design flaws in it.