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Factory of the future

White Paper
: Fogal, Daryll; Rauschecker, Ursula; Lanctot, Peter; Bildstein, Andreas; Burhop, Mark; Canedo, Arquimedes; Cui, Kai; Ito, Teruaki; Jacquemin, Benoit; Lippert, Kevin J.; Macaleer, Andy; McMillan, Alec; Nonaka, Youichi; Okuda, Noritaka; Sambu, Ken; Schmid-Lutz, Veronika; Shi, Haibo; Tsutsumi, Kazuhiko; Walker, Chris G.; Wang, Chunxi; Wang, Yang; Xiaonan, Shi

Volltext (PDF; )

Geneva: IEC, 2015, 50 S.
ISBN: 978-2-8322-2811-1
Studie, Elektronische Publikation
Fraunhofer IPA ()
Industrie 4.0; Geschäftsmodell; flexibles Fertigungssystem; advanced manufacturing; Everything as a Service XaaS; flexible Produktion; Internet der Dinge; Internet of Everything; Cloud Technologie; Additive Manufacturing (AM); Trend (Entwicklung); Vorschlag (Empfehlung)

This White Paper evaluates how manufacturers, workers and customers will have to come to terms with an increasingly complex world of processes, machines and components. This will require new operating concepts for optimized human-machine cooperation. Increased efficiency, reduced time-to-market and greater flexibility will improve a factory’s ability to compete. Manufacturers not only need to enable shorter time to market but also have to increase efficiency by reducing their operating costs, minimize the utilization of natural resources and improve the safety of their products and that of their workers.