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Optimal generation dispatch of distributed generators considering fair contribution to grid voltage control

: Ma, C.; Kaufmann, P.; Töbermann, J.-C.; Braun, M.


Renewable energy 87 (2016), Pt.2, S.946-953
ISSN: 0960-1481
Fraunhofer IWES ()
distributed generation; generation dispatch; real time simulation; volt / var control; linear programming

This paper investigates voltage control and generation dispatch of distributed generators (DGs) and how the operation of installed DGs can be optimized in distribution systems. A novel online generation dispatch algorithm for DGs is proposed in this work. This algorithm optimizes the contribution of individual DG units for grid voltage control in terms of costs. The technical advantages of the presented approach are evaluated by comparing the simulation results with various static and local dispatch control strategies, which can be considered currently as state-of-the-art according to technical standards and recent research. Simulation results indicate that the proposed method decreases the total cost for DG, improves the quality of voltage profiles and guarantees for each DG unit the opportunity to provide a fair amount of ancillary service to the grid. Additionally, through a performance test on a real time simulation platform it is concluded that the presented approach is also suitable for large grids in real time operation.