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Performance of fixed-length, variable-capacity packets in optical packet-switching networks

: Argibay-Losada, P.J.; Yoshida, Y.; Maruta, A.; Schlosser, M.; Kitayama, K.


Journal of optical communications and networking : JOCN 7 (2015), Nr.7, S.609-617
ISSN: 1943-0620
ISSN: 1943-0639
European Commission EC
Fraunhofer HHI ()

We present the performance of fixed-length, variable-capacity (FL-VC) packets in optical packet-switching (OPS) networks. We show how FL-VC achieves an effective balance between implementation feasibility and performance of the applications using the network. Focusing on metropolitan area networks and real-world file distributions, we also show that an adequate selection of packet duration leads to nearly optimal application throughput with respect to conventional variable-length, fixed-bit-rate packets (VL-FBR), and that this optimal packet duration is robust against changes in the workload. Finally, we show that a single fiber delay line per OPS switch managed by a first-fit scheduler can increase throughput to levels similar to those obtained by random access buffers.