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Microstructure of γ-titanium aluminide processed by selective laser melting at elevated temperatures

: Gussone, J.; Hagedorn, Y.-C.; Gherekhloo, H.; Kasperovich, G.; Merzouk, T.; Hausmann, J.


Intermetallics 66 (2015), S.133-140
ISSN: 0966-9795
Fraunhofer ILT ()

The present study deals with a β-solidifying titanium aluminide processed by Selective Laser Melting using prealloyed γ-TiAl powder. In particular the effects of energy density and preheat temperature on chemical composition and microstructure were investigated to acquire suitable process parameters. Tensile tests carried out at room temperature and 850 °C demonstrate that strengths in the range of conventionally produced material can be achieved.