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Load and frequency interaction effects in dynamic buckling of soft core sandwich structures

: Hohe, J.


Composite structures 132 (2015), S.1006-1018
ISSN: 0263-8223
Fraunhofer IWM ()
sandwich structure; soft core; vibration; buckling; face wrinkling

The present study is concerned with an analysis of load and frequency interaction effects in the dynamic buckling of sandwich plates and shells with a soft, transversely flexible core. The analysis is based of a general geometrically nonlinear soft-core sandwich model presented and a corresponding extended Galerkin solution strategy presented earlier. In the present study, the formalism is adopted and transformed into an eigenvalue problem. Assuming large transverse average displacements but small amplitudes for the vibration problem, a partially decoupled problem is obtained where in a first step the static buckling and face wrinkling problems can be addressed without consideration of the dynamic problem. In a second step, the dynamic eigenvalue problem can be solved, using the static solution as input parameters. The model is applied in parametric studies on the vibration response of plane and doubly curved sandwich panels with rectangular projection. In all cases, strong interaction effects between the external static preload and the natural frequencies are observed. The development Of overall buckling or local face wrinkling instabilities enabled due to the transverse flexibility of the core result in distinct drops of the first natural frequency.