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Impacts of energy efficiency on employment, growth and trade

Paper presented at the International Environment & Energy Week, Clean Energy 2000, Geneva, 25-29 January 2000
: Schleich, J.; Jochem, E.

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2000, 12 S.
International Environment & Energy Week Clean Energy <2000, Geneva>
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energy efficiency; technology impact; economic impact; appropriate technology; commercialization; industry; productivity; consumer goods; service; market; costs; optimization; government policy; environmental impact; global aspect; energy policy; goods and services; Energiesparen; wirtschaftliche Effizienz; Beschäftigungseffekt; Wirtschaftswachstum; Internationaler Wettbewerb; Westeuropa

Empirical studies demonstrate that, although substantial improvements in energy efficiency have already been made, there still exist significant economic potentials - even in energy intensive sectors. Realising these potentials will reduce costs for energy services and improve overall economic efficiency, but employment gains are likely to be small. Technological progress in energy efficiency may foster economic growth and export rates for energy efficient products can be expected to continue, in particular, if policies are appropriately designed to realise untapped efficiency potentials and to encourage innovation in energy efficient technologies.