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Protecting the structural integrity of composites in fire: Intumescent coatings in the intermediate scale

: Hörold, A.; Schartel, B.; Trappe, V.; Gettwert, V.; Korzen, M.


Journal of reinforced plastics and composites : JRPC 34 (2015), Nr.24, S.2029-2044
ISSN: 0731-6844 (Print)
ISSN: 1530-7964 (Online)
Fraunhofer ICT ()

The fire behaviour of light-weight material used in structural applications is regarded as the main challenge to be solved for mass transportation. The task is to perform realistic experiments, including a mechanical test scenario under fully developed fires, to improve the material’s reliability in structural applications. Our approach utilises an intermediate-scale test set-up (specimen size 500 × 500 mm) to apply realistic compressive loads and fully developed fires directly to one side of a carbon-fibre-reinforced sandwich composite. Three different intumescent coatings were applied to sandwich structures and compared to a bench-scale study. The results emphasise intumescent coatings as a promising method to sustain fire resistance, multiplying the time to failure. Nevertheless, the realistic intermediate-scale test using severe direct flame application underlines the extremely short failure times when the actual composite components are tested without any additional insulation.