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Component-based modelling of logistics processes

Approach for Consistent Process Description and Structured Information Acquisition
: Bernhard, J.; Neumann, G.

Ziems, D. ; Univ. Magdeburg, Institut für Förder- und Baumaschinentechnik, Stahlbau, Logistik:
Simulation in Supply Chain Management and Logistics
Magdeburg: LOGISCH, 2005 (Magdeburger Schriften zur Logistik 19)
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Fraunhofer IML ()
logistic; logistic process; component-based modelling; discrete event simulation; visualisation; information acquisition

Logistics process design is one of the major challenges in logistics planning and known as being a complex and complicated problem, since it is subject to a large number of many and diverse influences. The approach of a component-based logistics process design should help to reduce complexity of the design problem and its solution, but especially to overcome the traditional thinking in terms of technical systems instead of focusing on what kind of functionality is really needed to be implemented only. The paper delivers the basic idea of this concept and discusses how simulation and visualization can support this method even though available tools and packages are based on representations of technical components only. In addition to this, an approach based upon a hierarchical process model is shown that supports acquisition of input data necessary for configuring a logistics process and setting its parameters.