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Controlled material flow in hydroforming by multipoint drawing technology

Gesteuerte, partielle Beeinflussung des Werkstoffflusses zur Erweiterung der Umformgrenzen beim Innenhochdruck-Blechumform-Prozess (IHB)
: Bahn, V.; Noack, S.

Steel research international 76 (2005), Nr.11, S.852-856
ISSN: 1611-3683
ISSN: 0177-4832
Fraunhofer IWU ()
multipoint cushion technology; multiple-point drawing; sheet hydroforming; active media-based sheet metal forming; pressure; hydroforming; sheet forming; material flow; sealing; leakage; surface pressure

Sheet hydroforming, which is based on an active working medium, results in advantages over conventional forming techniques that make this technology interesting for the production of components with a large surface area. In order to expand the range of applications for this method, the current limits must be extended and the obstacles eliminated. One important aspect here is finding a solution to the conflict between a reliable tool sealing and a controlled material flow, particularly in the filling and preforming phases of the hydroforming process. One way of achieving progress in this area is to employ multipoint technology. In order to exploit multipoint cushion technology - the potential of which has been proved inconventional deep-drawing operations - to extend the limits of sheet hydroforming, this technology has to be developed further, similarly to the multipoint cushion systems used in deep-drawing, and adapted to the process-specific conditions of sheet hydroforming.