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Simulation-based concept for increasing robustness in distribution networks

Presentation held at 22nd EurOMA Conference 2015, Operations management for sustainable competitiveness, June 26th - July 1st, 2015, Neuchâtel, Switzerland
: Sardesai, Saskia; Kamphues, Josef; Hegmanns, Tobias

2015, 10 S.
European Operations Management Association (EurOMA International Annual Conference) <22, 2015, Neuchâtel>
Fraunhofer IML ()
robustness; simulation; disturbance; uncertainty; distribution; supply chain planning
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The paper presents a concept, which combines established analytical approaches of inventory and transport management with a simulation-based approach in order to increase robustness within a dynamic environment. The approach supports the selection of appropriate measures to counteract demand fluctuations and disturbances. In addition, it operationalizes robustness to provide a possibility for an evaluation of the distribution system in this respect. The work delivers a basis for an applicable approach for the identification of suitable measures to proactively evaluate various system settings and avoid inefficient system states.