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Effect of UV-radiation on the packaging-related properties of whey protein isolate based films and coatings

: Schmid, Markus; Held, Jochen; Hammann, Felicia; Schlemmer, Daniel; Noller, Klaus


Packaging Technology and Science 28 (2015), Nr.10, S.883-899
ISSN: 0894-3214
ISSN: 1099-1522
Fraunhofer IVV ()

The high oxygen barrier properties of whey protein based films and coatings means these materials are of great interest to the food and packaging industry. However, these materials have poor mechanical properties such as the tensile strength, Young's modulus and elongation at break. Up until now, the influence of ultraviolet (UV) radiation on whey protein films has not been reported in the literature. This study thus investigates the influence of UV-radiation on the properties of whey protein based films. UV-irradiated films showed increased tensile strength and a yellowing that was dependent on the radiation time. After irradiation, the films showed no significant change in the barrier properties, Young's modulus or elongation at break. In addition, a protein solubility study was undertaken to characterize and quantify changes in structure-property relationships. The significant decrease in protein solubility in buffer systems which break disulfide and non-covalent bonds indicates that additional molecular interactions arise with increasing radiation dose. This study provides new data for researchers and material developers to tailor the characteristics of whey protein based films according to their intended application and processing.