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A platform for just-in-time information provision in engineering and PLM

: Lentes, Joachim; Zimmermann, Nikolas; Eckstein, Holger

International Foundation for Production Research -IFPR-:
23rd International Conference on Production Research, ICPR 2015. CD-ROM : With Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers (PIIE) National Congress, 7th IE Research Conference & 17th International Society for Business Innovation and Technology Management Roundtable Conference; operational excellence towards sustainable development goals (SDG) through industry 4.0; Manila, August 2-5, 2015
Manila, 2015
7 S.
International Conference on Production Research (ICPR) <23, 2015, Manila>
Philippine Institute of Industrial Engineers (PIIE National Congress) <14, 2015, Manila>
IE Research Conference <7, 2015, Manila>
International Society for Business Innovation and Technology Management (ISBITM Roundtable Conference) <17, 2015, Manila>
European Commission EC
FP7-ICT; 285171; amePLM
Advanced Platform for manufacturing engineering and Product Lifecycle Management
Fraunhofer IAO ()

During the life of a product, a large amount of information is created and has to be accordingly management to be appropriately re-used. Especially small and medium enterprises are often not able to efficiently management such an amount of information, resulting in a loss of competitiveness. Therefore, a solution is presented which consists of an open software platform, a semantic data model and supporting modules. The platform supports the linkage of modules and the continuous information flow between these modules and especially towards the user. The semantic data model is realized by means of an ontology and serves as “lingua franca” of the resulting overall system. Modules are intended to support the user and may be new but also existing ones. The contribution focuses on the realization and application of the solution, illustrated by industrial pilot cases, showing also benefits of the application and potential for further work.